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Quick Healing For Small Acne Scars

Clear skin is not just about getting rid of acne, it’s about getting rid of acne without making your face look worse in the process. Most acne scars are self-inflicted due to trying to pop pimples prematurely, but sometimes even careful people can end up with a nasty red lump on their skin that sticks around even after the pustule is gone – or small acne scarsometimes acne scars can have causes not even related to acne.

I must confess I’m not always perfect when it comes to taking my own advice, particularly when it comes to shaving, and I paid the price recently with a couple of unsightly razor bumps. One in particular under my chin simply didn’t want to go away, so I had to get serious. Here’s some advice for eliminating small acne scars (including lumps of scar tissue left over from cystic acne of ingrown hairs) in a quick way, usually resulting in a significant decrease in the appearance of a scar overnight.

The old adage of “don’t pick at your face” applies, especially when you’re only going to further inflame an area that doesn’t even contain an acne pustule anymore. Besides that common sense advice, you will need tea tree oil and Neosporin gel. After washing, apply a few drops of tea tree oil to the inflamed region and let dry. Your skin usually soaks up tea tree oil quickly, and this will disinfect the area and kill most remaining bacteria under the skin.

Once the area is completely dry, follow by applying a dab of Neosporin directly to the bumps. Leave the Neosporin on for as long as possible. This will take the red out of the area, often dramatically decreasing inflammation (*as in my previous post about Neosporin, it is not medically sound to rely on Neosporin as an every day acne cream, use it only for these particularly inflamed lesions).

Using this two-part treatment combo before bed is a good strategy to care for your skin when it comes to small aqcne scars. It will produce a very fast reduction in the appearance of acne’s often unsightly after effects (or in my case, the after effects of a bad shave ^_^).

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