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Acne Face Mapping – What is Your Acne Telling You

There is a theory called “face mapping” that suggests the location of your acne could present clues about what’s causing it. Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, maintains that a weakness or toxicity in a certain organ or gland in the body can result in acne showing up in certain areas of the skin. You can use this theory to do some detective work on your breakouts.

Acne on forehead : Cystic acne on forehead indicates toxin accumulation in the body and water deprivation.It may also be due to some problems with the digestive system viz. small intestine. This type of acne on forehead is found in individuals who lead  a sedentary life style,have high stress level and eat fad diet consisting of saturated fats and high carbohydrate.

Eating a proper diet consisting of low carbohydrate and more proteins,having good sleep,avoiding smoking and alcohol,reducing intake of caffeinated products,taking vitamin pills daily,practicing yoga or meditation for mind relaxation and making exercise a daily habit provides relief from the acne breakouts.Proper hygiene should also be maintained.

Acne on scalp, back of head and hair line : The development of acne on scalp,back of head and hair line indicates clogged hair follicles due to inadequate cleanliness or inadequate removal of facial make up. Individuals suffering from acne over scalp and hair line should wash their face and scalp with a mild soap and water.Also make sure to remove all make-up properly and shampoo hair with  a lotion containing salicyclic acid.

Acne on cheeks : Acne on cheeks can be subdivided into two halves as upper half and lower half and both of them indicate different health status of the internal organs.

Acne on upper cheek – This indicates some blockage in the respiratory system where the lungs are not functioning Acne on upper cheekproperly as a result of pollution or smoking.The exchange of polluted air causes clogging of the respiratory bronchioles due to which the transport and air exchange  in the body cannot be carried out efficiently resulting in impaired oxygenation of cells and tissues in the body. Inefficient lung function can also cause acne breakouts over front and back of chest.Moving to clean and healthy surrounding provides relief.

Acne on lower cheek – Acne on lower half of the cheek is most likely due to tooth and dental problems like dental cavity,gingivitis etc. Proper dental hygiene should be maintained.

Acne vulgaris on nose tip,eye areas and eye brows : This indicates hepatic or liver dysfunction due to improper diet and faulty life style which impairs optimum function of liver. Persons with this types of acne breakouts should adopt a healthy life style,avoid alcohol and smoking.

Acne vulgaris on sides of nose : Acne over nose is associated with some abnormality of the reproductive system i.e. testicles or ovaries. However this may also indicate some functional impairment of the heart due to circulatory overload. People who are overweight,stressed and lead a sedentary life style develop acne on sides of nose.

Acne vulgaris on jawline,chin and neck : This is most commonly associated with conditions of hormonal imbalance like Polycystic ovarian syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome which requires appropriate investigations (discussed later),high stress level and poor diet.

Acne Face Mapping

Acne over jaw line and under mouth can also occur following circulatory failure of lymphatic system of the body as the body is unable to eliminate toxic waste due to blockage in lymph flow and is a causes of cystic acne in adults. Circulatory failure of lymph can be corrected with a healthy life style and proper diet.

Acne on forearms : Accumulation of dead cells results in blockage of hair follicles and causes acne on forearms. This area of the body remains devoid exfoliation and moisturization which other parts of the body receive. Simple measures like gently scrubbing (preferably with a loofah) the affected area of the arm in a circular motion followed by application of a moisturizing lotion is sufficient.

Scrubbing helps to remove the dead and devitalized cells and moisturizing lotion helps to rejuvenate the dead skin. Home remedies like  applying a paste of honey mixed with cinnamon oil is also very effective in such cases.Acne on back shoulder

Acne vulgaris on back, shoulder areas and lip : A poor digestive system causes back acne in adults and often the individual is found to be suffering from gastro-intestinal complaints like abdominal bloating,indigestion,pain,constipation.It may also be due to high stress level.

Acne vulgaris on buttocks and thighs : Acne vulgaris on buttocks,back and thighs occur due to excess sweat production and blockage in sebum flowing ducts. These parts of the body remain covered and suffer from excessive sweating particularly in summer season when the body is unable to release the inner body heat from these regions.In response to excessive heat the body produces excess sweat which causes blockage of sebaceous glands and with subsequent bacterial infection results in acne formation.

Treatment of acne vulgaris on buttocks is done by use of topical acne vulgaris medications like benzoyl peroxide,salicylic acid etc. Wearing tight fitted garments should be avoided as it causes acne vulgaris in groin regions also.

Genital Acne  : Acne vulgaris can also develop over genital regions.Causes of genital acne are mainly obstruction of hair follicles and subsequent bacterial infection.

Acne on vagina – Acne on vagina are sometimes painful in nature.It occurs due to follicular blockages.The vaginal area is moist,sweaty and provides a favorable environment for acne causing bacteria Propionibacterium Acne. The bacteria then begins to grow and starts developing colonies. The bacterial growth causes infection and blockage of hair follicles which eventually lead to formation of acne bumps on the vagina. Acne on vagina in some instances may also result from some diseases like Genital Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Vaginal acne can be prevented by keeping the area dry and clean and wearing suitable under garments.

Acne on Penis Shaft – The cause of acne on shaft of penis is same as for acne bumps on vagina i.e. clogged hair follicles. High sebum production,mainly in summer season causes blockage of hair follicles and with subsequent bacterial infection results in acne formation. Treatment of penile acne can be done by gently scrubbing which would open up the clogged pores and establish normal drainage of hair follicles to the surface. Applying anti-acne creams should be avoided.S ometimes applying a warm compress speeds up the healing process.

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