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What You Should Know About Acne Scar Treatment

Do you have disgusting acne scars, hate how they look and just want an acne scar treatment that works to get rid of them? Do those scars make you feel ugly and unattractive to members of the opposite sex?

In an attempt camouflage your facial imperfections do you use a ton of make up or foundation? Do you want some better more permanent solution other than hiding behind a make up mask?

Unfortunately, like you, many have discovered that after they have moved past the pimples and zits stage of life they are left with having to cope with telltale acne scars those zits left behind on their face. Some have gone to great lengths to get rid of these unsightly scars only to find out nothing they’ve tried has lived up to the claims made on the label.

While treating acne scars isn’t exactly easy, as you well know, there is hope. Since acne is so common and it is one of the most common causes of scarring, medical research is constantly seeking better ways to take on this problem. So much so, recent advances hold out the real promise of clearer skin for many.

Now if you asked a dermatologist to explain what are acne scars, they might start by mentioning there are several types. Some appear to be deep pits; you may have heard of someone referring to these as ice pick scars. Some are wider and result in a wave like appearance on your cheeks.

Others are more like raised bumps on the surface of your skin. Others still are a dark discoloration of sorts. Sometimes these will go away on their own over time. In other cases not so much. At least not without some kind of acne scar treatment.

acne scar treatment

Skin experts might also point out that these scars can result from something as simple as picking at your pimples. Others might tell you had something been done sooner the problem wouldn’t be so bad and would be more easily cured.

Of course that tends to overlook the cost factor involved with most any acne scar treatment. Some estheticians charge a couple of hundred dollars a session. Laser treatments are certainly no less costly and might be more than that. To top it off none of these acne scar treatment options comes with any kind of money back guarantee.

Clearly there is no one size fits all process that works all the time when it comes to erase acne scars. Still here are some common treatment options for those pock marks that you want to be rid of.

Oh and it also goes without saying that treating existing acne scars is simply not smart if your acne breakouts are raging on. So you first would want to get help to control your acne. Otherwise you are curing the existing scarring problem but creating more of the very same problem over time. But let’s assume you’ve done or are doing that. Now what?

Acne Scar Treatment – Some Choices

If you have the more shallow type or raised scars, micro abrasion might work for you. This is a way to freshen and repair the surface of your skin. Also temporary fillers can be used to plump up tissue under shallow scars making them less noticeable. If the scar is basically a red mark where the acne used to be, perhaps you are a candidate for a chemical peel.

Finally a new approach to using a fractional laser is getting much praise by some dermatologists. Basically with this approach to acne scar treatment, microscopic laser beams penetrate the depth of the damaged skin tissue stimulating collagen formation. Obviously flatter scars respond quicker to this approach than deeper scars.

But using a fractional laser offers the added benefit of a much shorter healing time measured in days rather than weeks or months. Still it’s important to note that any procedure for treating acne scarring comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Plus no one can tell you which would be best for you without first examining your skin and determining the type of scarring you have. From there a plan for acne scar treatment can be explored and begun, with your consent naturally.

Finally it’s hard to say how many treatments you will need with any of these treatment techniques. In most cases the severity of the condition dictates the number of treatment sessions required.

There is no doubt that acne scarring can make you self-conscious. It can also affect your self-esteem. So there is more to getting rid of acne scars than vastly different looking before and after photos. Treating this problem successfully can leave you emotionally feeling better about yourself knowing you no longer have to face the world with skin blemished by acne scars. Which is the real reason many pursue acne scar treatment.

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